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About us

Discover Asian Taste captures the cultural diversities of Asian cultures by relating to a very important aspect of a culture: The cuisine. Bruna Silva, the host and producer of the program, has been living in Asian countries since the age of 15. Having had such an early experience she has realized that there's certain cultural aspects which widens someone's understanding towards a country and its culture.

 Bruna has discovered that food is one of the essential aspects of a country; it reflects influences over its people, historic happenings, economic situations as well as its surroundings. The achievement of one's knowledge over cultures is important for the acquirement of a level of respect and inclusion between cultures, with the purpose of bringing it all together on a program available to every single individual all over the world.


Discover Asian Taste aims on including cultures and breaking boundaries on every corner of the world, so that cultural knowledge will be expanded offering possibilities beyond races and nations.