• Spicy Grilled Mussels

    Mussels should only be cooked live. Select only those with their shells tightly shut. Before cooking, soak the mussels in water for about 1 hour to extract sand particles. Then remove the beards - the brown tuft between the shells - with a firm tug or a sharp knife. As a rule of thumb, never eat mussels that do not open after cooking.

  • Vietnamese Style Chicken Noodles Soup Recipe

    1 - Remove skin and de-bone from chicken breast. Cut into large bite size chunks. 2 - Reserve bones for soup. 3 - Put noodles in a large bowl. Pour boiling water and allow to boil for 10 minutes. 4 - Drain and cut noodles into bite-size lengths.

  • Noodle Cakes Recipe

    1 - Soak the vermicelli in very hot water for about 5 minutes. 2 - Drain thoroughly. 3 - The vermicelli should be as dry as possible. 4 - Put them into a large mixing bowl. Cover with with corn flour, making sure it is well coated.

  • Bamboo-Steamed Sticky Rice Recipe

    Vietnamese sticky rice, or glutinous rice, called xoi nep, required a long soak in water before being cooked in bamboo steamer. It is used for savoury and sweet rice cakes, such as banh chung and Hue com sen. It is enjoyed as a sweet, filling snack with sugar and coconut milk and, as it is fairly bulky, it is also served with dipping sauces, light dishes and vegetarian meals.

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