• Shrimp Fried Rice Recipe

    This idea of stir-frying rice with other ingredients originated in China and has made its way throughout Asia. Generally, a serving of fried rice with all the trimmings makes a filling meal. This version is very light and delicate. Note that using cold rice works best for stir-frying because the grains separate easily.

  • Glutinous Rice Balls Recipe

    Cut the spring onion into sections
    Using a food processor, process the spring onion and ginger with the cold water
    Mix the ground pork with the salt and sugar well
    Add the spring onion and ginger mixture into the pork slowly, making sure that ...

  • Vietnamese Fried Banana Recipe

    ・ 1 - To make the batter, sift the flour with the baking powder into a bowl. ・ 2 - Add the sugar and beat in a little of the water and beer to make a smooth paste. ・ 3 - Gradually beat in the rest of the water and beer to form a thick batter. Leave to stand for 20 minutes.

  • Coconut Flan with Caramel

    ・ 1 - To make the caramel, dissolve the sugar over low heat, in a small, heavy-based pan, swirling constantly until the sugar becomes golden. Stir in hot water carefully as the mixture will splatter. Quickly stir to dissolve any lumps and boil about 2 minutes until liquid and dark brown but not burned.

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