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  • Khaosan Road

    Khao San Road in my opinion is one of those places where you can just wander around and not worry about matching your shoes to your shirt. It is a place where you can just be yourself, and believe me there will be a bunch of people being themselves around that area. You will be surrounded by the lighting signs indicating all sorts of performances, tattoo shops, travelling agencies, restaurants, food stalls carrying all sorts of food. Ranging from Pad Thai noodles to insects. (You might give that a try)

    Khao San is considered as one of the most famous backpackers meeting point in the world. You will barely see Thai people. The road is completely characterized with foreigners wandering through, sitting at pubs, shopping, getting massages, tattoos and etc… It is incredibly easy to get to know people and share stories.

    Restaurants are so affordable and it offers such a pleasant environment. It is very convenient to find food of all kinds. If you are having a hard time getting adjusted to hot spices of Thai food, it is very easy to find western food in any restaurant, just don’t expect that your spaghetti will be tasting just like the one in the west.

    It is worth the visit. Khao San Road can be a guaranteed fun experience if you are an open minded traveler. I went on a little food tour in Khao San road in one of Discover Asian Taste episodes, check it out!