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  • Thai Cuisine

    One of the factors that influence my willingness to live in Thailand is the food. It will always be an easy task to find what to eat at any time; Bangkok nightlife is so alive for the fact that there are food stalls everywhere. Thai street food can be quite affordable and convenient, besides you get to experience the real tastes of Thai dishes, which is famous for its distinctive and exotic flavours. In fact, the smells of food is massively present everywhere you go.

    Thai food is a cuisine experience that should not be missed by anyone, and after months of experience I can affirm that the best way to enjoy the real tastes of Thai food is by having it on the street stalls. Mostly foreigners can be intimidated by it concerning that they could get sick. According to my experiences I would say that it shouldn't be something to worry about. Nowadays the hygene cautions are remarkably high, most of Thai street food can be healthier than food you'll buy in a western supermarket, the reason? The animal meat that comes from the west was probably killed months ago, in Thailand the meat you eat at a street stall was clucking, mooing or swimming only a day or two ago. Fresh meat has fewer bacteria, and also Thai spices are mostly known for being able to kill bacteria and germs.

    Some of these carts stay permanently in one place, some move around from street to street, carrying around with it delicious dishes such as pad thai noodles, Som Tam - a spicy salad with shredded papaya, Pad See Ew - pan-fried noodles with pork & green vegetables or Khao Pad Kaprow – fried rice with basil.

    One of the greatest joys for Thai people is their love for good food and the sharing of food. Around their three daily light meals, Thai people are always treating themselves with snacks in between. In Thailand these eating habits are satisfied by the wide variety of street food all around the city. Having Thai street food can be lots of fun and evolving with its mixtures of colors, smells, textures, mouth-watering dishes and friendly smiles of people serving and enjoying food makes the city culture of Bangkok unique.