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RESTAURANTS / Vietnamese restaurant

  • Gialong Cuisine Restaurant

    Chine Chine is possibly one of the very few non-hotel restaurants that possess the ingredients of a hotel outlet. Many of the inhouse recipes are made from scratch. From XO sauce to Shanghai chilli oil, the chefs have mastered the techniques of great restaurants in Hong Kong.

  • Miss Saigon Restaurant Bangkok

    For nearly two decades, Jasmin has been providing quality food at a reasonable price, and there is still much to like about the place. Shark's fin soup and stewed duck tongue offer an intriguing combination of textures with which to start the meal.

  • Delices Restaurant Bangkok

    A favourite for many seafood lovers, Je Ngor is generous with both the chillies and garlic. A starter of fried ginkgo nuts presents a delicous contrast of sweet and salty tastes. Stir-fried sliced morning glory is crunchy and well-seasoned with garlic and chillies. For a more substantial dish, try fried vermicelli and mimosa with fat, fresh prawns, another satisfying combination.

  • Thang Long

    Thang Long (or Flying Dragon as it translates into English) is a genuine but ultimately failed attempt at a Thai interpretation of Vietnamese cuisine.